Nano Protective Case

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The Nano Protective Case offers optimal protection for your electric espresso machine on-the-go. Constructed of sturdy EVA and lined with felt fabric, this case helps protect against wear and tear. An integrated capsule box and carrying handle enable convenient portability, allowing you to take your machine with you anywhere


*Nano Portable Electric Machine not included.

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The Outin Nano Protective Case is specifically designed to protect your Nano portable electric espresso machine. Its durable outer shell safeguards your battery-powered espresso machines from scratches and potential damage during outdoor activities. With a protective interior and convenient carrying handle, the Outin Nano Protective Case is the ideal solution for ensuring your espresso machine is always safe and secure, whether you're on the go or staying at home.

Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Space Grey)Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Space Grey)
Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Crimson Red)Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Crimson Red)
Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Waldgrün)Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Waldgrün)
Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Outin Teal)Tragbare Nano-Espressomaschine (Outin Teal)