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Ever Wondered Why Crema Happens?

Ever Wondered Why Crema Happens?

What is Crema? You may have heard the term “crema” used before but been unsure what all those baristas were talking about. Or perhaps you’re curious about what makes the top of an espresso shot res...

portable coffee machine

Espresso vs Coffee: What's the difference?

Wait, isn't Espresso coffee? Yes! Because coffee is the liquid extracted from the bean, not the method of preparation, it is technically considered coffee. The main difference between espresso a...

8 Reasons Why You Should "Outin Nano"

8 Reasons Why You Should "Outin Nano"

We've launched our newest product, Outin Nano portable espresso machine! Here's a short list of highlights featuring what the Outin Nano has to offer: 1. Being portable, small size and li...

4 Easy-to-Make Espresso Based Coffee Drink Recipes

4 Easy-to-Make Espresso Based Coffee Drink Recipes

Coffee drinks. We love them. Whether you add condensed milk or just a good old-fashioned coffee liqueur drink concoction, we’re here for it. Because the espresso from Outin Nano portable coffe...

5 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Los 5 mejores regalos para los amantes del café

Para muchos de nosotros, el café es más que una manera de comenzar el día: es un estilo de vida. Lo más probable es que tenga al menos una persona obsesionada con el café en su vida que se merece...

10 Benefits of Drinking Coffee You Probably Didn't Know About

10 beneficios de tomar café que probablemente no conocías

Wondering if there's more to your cup of joe than just the caffeine jolt? This article features the top ten advantages of drinking coffee and the art of making barista-quality coffee at home with...