Nano Portable Espresso Machine (Rose Quartz) with BCRF

セールスプライス$159.99 USD
  • Light Weight: Weighted Less than 700 g
  • Fast Heating: Only 200 seconds* to Heat Up
  • Rich Crema: Up to  92°C/198°F through 20 Bars Pressure with Richer Crema Coffee
  • Long Battery Life: 7500 mAh Battery for 5 times* Cold Water / 200+ Hot Water Brews
  • Pro-level Standards: European Certified Materials & Coffee Brewing Center Standards
  • Universal Charging: in 12V or 24V Car Charger and USB Charger( >10W)
  • 2 in 1 Coffee Method: Feature with Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules

Boundless Courage, Resilience, and Freedom

Outin and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) unite in a shared mission to support breast cancer research and awareness. Through our co-branded product, we aim to empower individuals to embrace outdoor adventures. With every purchase of our product, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to BCRF, funding vital research initiatives and providing hope to those affected by this disease. Together, we stand committed to promoting courage, resilience, and freedom.