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"Fresh espresso,Anytime, Anywhere."

While I love coffee, I don't always have coffee when I want it. When I was an undergraduate, I spent five minutes or more standing in line and ordering a cup of coffee. Even in other places, it is very troublesome for a lazy person to find the nearest coffee shop whenever I want to drink.

Coffee can only be expected to be found at home, in the office or at a cafe. It's hard for me to think of anyone drinking coffee apart from these occasions. When I am roaming around the park with nothing else to do, I have to endure without a cup of coffee to increase my comfort. I have a hard time deciding what to drink when I travel. I'm accustomed to going out, but I still miss drinking whatever I want at home.

It all started when I wanted fresh coffee to be available anytime, anywhere.

"Why do I pursue a long-term sustainable lifestyle?"

My answer is: getting more people involved in protecting the planet is far more inspiring than building wealth individually.

This is a question I've been asking myself since I was in college. And since starting to use Outin, I've seen our customers demonstrate on social media a way of life that reduces waste and energy consumption through using our products. It moved me deeply. 

Outin is a team that spreads sustainable values. We are not profit-oriented, and will support international environmental actions and new energy development with profits. All who buy our products are helping us to have a better living space. And we will meet you in reality in the future, and make everyone who loves nature effectively participate in our sustainable activities.

Technology and aesthetics drive an eco-friendly and comfortable lifestyle.

“That’s Outin”

We are committed to blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors: bringing comfort to your living experience at all times.

We want to replicate your indoor life anywhere and create an even more exciting outdoor life with the latest technology. By exploiting eco-friendly materials and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, Outin seeks to create a world better suited to enjoyment.

Before you encountered Outin, you probably only drank coffee at home and in cafes. You never expected that the aroma of coffee would easily linger in every corner of your body. And it was your norm to walk down the street with a disposable cup, unaware of the excessive energy usage and waste.

Once you get acquainted with Outin, whether you are walking through the concrete jungle of New York City or wandering through the magnificent Grand Canyon, we guarantee that you will feel the chill at all times. At present, the benches of Times Square become a gathering place for baristas and a natural café appears between the canyons. You can experience the peace of solitude in a crowded city and the instant warmth of the wilderness. If you like to travel around, you definitely require the support of Outin.

We use technology, aesthetics, and action to bring ideas to life. And as people aspire to the outdoor life, we help everyone to enjoy traveling in comfort. Anytime, anywhere, convenience and automation are what we strive for. May Outin always be there to assist you on the road to a healthy and happy life.

Outin Inc.

Outln Espresso Machine Project Launched

We strongly believe that immersing in nature and touching modern civilization with an advanced sense of technology would bring a breathtaking outdoor lifestyle.

Outin inc. & Jamie

Redesign: Renew Coffee Containers & Higher Buttom Cup & Easier to Pierce Capsule

To avoid the machine reaching extracted espresso. Outin heiahtened the buttom cup with accurate calculating. We also redesiqned ground coffee basket/capsule adapter to avoid too much water left after brewing. Then Outin improved portafilter grille to ensure successful piercing.

Brandee & Gary

User Experience Optimized & Battery Update

To provide our customers a better using experience. Outin reduced mounting threads, upgraded to high-friction surface. At the same time, Outin never stops researching and developing battery technology. A larger capacity of 7500mAh enables 200s heating for 5 cups for cold water extraction and 200+ cups for hot water extraction.

Outnc Inc. & Peter

Structrue lmprovement & New Logo

Outin believes that details matter. We chose to use rubber seals and reduce the gap between components. As growing into a more mature brand, we updated our logo and put efforts to protect our mother nature by delivering our brand value to the world and taking part in sustainable activities.

Outin Inc.

Nano launched

Our new model Nano has launched with overall improvement. Smaller size with less weight. Heating time is reduced to 200s. Extract more cups of coffee with each charge (200+ cups more with hot water). Higher pump system and more stable extraction. Gold-ration design for one-key function and is easy to use. More Colors selection and brand new design.

We welcome and appreciate all feedback and comments from our customers.

Immerse In Nature, Enjoy Modern Civilization