Reinvent Your Coffee Habbit


Portable Rich Crema Espresso Machine with 3 Min Self-Heating

Weighing like a loaf of bread less than 700g, you can take Outin Espresso Machine anywhere for espresso with its travel-sized shape. With just one tap, you can start brewing your golden ratio coffee with a bottle-sized Outin at home or outdoors. Now, overpriced coffee and long waiting time at cafes is over.


Waterproof and Easy to Clean


Heating and Extracting


Lightest Electric Coffee Machine

Core Tech

20 Bar Pressure Pump Brews Thick Crema Espresso

Bar pressure is key in deciding the quality of coffee. Nano is industry-leading 20 Bar pressure pump brews coffee with unbelievable crema that is comparable to any countertop machines, delivering a silky smooth-tasting espresso, just like having a barista with you at all times.

Designed to be 3x Faster

Many portable coffee machines only support brewing with hot water, which means you have to bring another bottle of hot water or take a water kettle with you to make coffee outdoors. Outin got you covered! Our revolutionary heating blade heats up 50ML of cold water to 205°F, the perfect temperature for espresso in just 3 minutes! Outin takes care of all the temperature settings and timing for you so you don't have to.

  • Up To 5 Cups with Cold Water
  • 200 Cups with Hot Water

20 Bar Pressure for Rich Crema Coffee

Bar Pressure is key in deciding the quality of coffee, Outin’s industry-leading automatic 20 Bar Pressure pump brews coffee with unbelievable crema that is comparable to desk coffee machines, delivering a silky smooth-tasting espresso, with an incredible aroma lingering in your mouth.

Outin combined an excellent seal, food-grade stainless steel, and ABS plastic to create an espresso machine that is leak-proof and heat-insulated. Take your time and savor your hot coffee at your own pace.

Peace of Mind Everywhere You Go

Love at a Glance, Touch with Pleasure

Designed ergonomically with an ingenious arc, Outin is shaped to fit your hand.
Wanna the coolest way to have coffee? This is your chance.

Brew Coffee In Style

Capture the attention of others with our stylish espresso machine, designed ergonomically with an ingenious arc that is shaped to the size of your hand, Outin will be your reliable coffee partner, allowing you to travel in style!Capture the attention of others with our stylish espresso machine, designed ergonomically with an ingenious arc that is shaped to the size of your hand, Outin will be your reliable coffee partner, allowing you to travel in style.

To-Go Artisanal Coffee Experience

Nano is designed to be the travel-sized shape that gives you the freedom to enjoy PRO coffee and allows you to take it to any place that calls for espresso. With just one tap, you can start brewing your on-the-go coffee with the bottle-size Outin Nano Espresso Machine. Say goodbye to over-priced cup coffee and go sustainable.

Free Shipping (US & UK Only)

Considerate Customer Service

Worldwide Shipping

24 Months Warranty

2 in 1 Brewing Methods. Any Color You Want.

Nano supports both ground coffee and capusles, no need to forgive any brewing method. Coffee with Outin has become an eye-catcher, that is expected. Various colors and the elegant appearances, it’s easy to fall in love with Nano and share it with your family, friends and be loved one.

Outin Nano

Customer Reviews

Outin mini has received hundreds of good reviews from all over the world. After a full upgrade, we strongly believe that more and more clients will fall in love with Outin Nano.

Dor Dahari, the United States, November 3, 2022

I think I got a defective product, the battery life doesn't last as describe on the description.I emailed the support and they made sure to make it right and fix the problem!Great product! I use all the time when I travel!

Sandy, the United States, July 18, 2022

Took this for camping several times already, love the size is small and lightweight, could take it backpacking. It does take some time to heat the water, but for only 3 mins, which is worth the wait. I love that you could just put coffee and water in there and press the button to get what you need. The whole process was kinda fun, and it was easy to clean.I have easily made at least 50 to 60 shots in the few weeks I've had this, and it seems to be holding up well! It does not feel burned through the process, which is a bonus!

Elena Y, the United States, December 23, 2022

This is my favorite new friend . A cute early Christmas gift for my self. I spend most of my time outside every time I have to purchase a hot coffee but know I can have mine in just 4 minutes. Easy to use. I liked how they package up the product.

Consigliatissima, Italy, November 7, 2022

Sono un maniaco del caffè e devo dire che questa macchinetta mi ha soddisfatto alla grande... Veloce a scaldare l.aqua e caffè quasi come al bar grazie alle cialde nespresso. Mi sono stampato il supporto da scrivania con porta bicchierino perché mi piace corto il caffè e mi regolo meglio, e già che c.ero ho stampato anche e il porta cialde perché purtroppo e' un accessorio che non esiste al momento.. molto soddisfatto

Why Choose Outin?

Nano Portable Espresso Machine
Nano Portable Espresso Machine Sale price$149.99 USD
home-based-espresso-machine Sale price$399.99 USD
manual-portable-espresso-machine Sale price$99.99 USD
BAR Pressure (For Rich Crema)

20 bars

15 bars

9 bars

Heating Time

< 3 minutes

< 3 minutes

Do Not Support Self-Heating

Portable and Economical


Fits Both Capsules and Ground Coffee



For Any Outdoor Occasions



Outin Inc.

OutIn Espresso machine Project Launched

We strongly believe that immersing in nature and touching modern civilization with an advanced sense of technology would bring a breathtaking outdoor lifestyle.

Outin Inc. & Jamie

Redesign: Renew Coffee Containers & Higher Buttom Cup & Easier to Pierce Capsule

To avoid the machine reaching extracted espresso, Outin heightened the buttom cup with accurate calculating. We also redesigned ground coffee basket/capsule adapter to avoid too much water left after brewing.Then Outin improved portafilter grille to ensure successful piercing.

Brandee & Gary

User Experience Optimized & Battery Update

To provide our customers a better using experience, Outin reduced mounting threads, upgraded to high-friction surface. At the same time, Outin never stops researching and developing battery technology. A larger capacity of 7500mAh enables 198s heating for 5 cups for cold water extraction and 100+ cups for hot water extraction.

Outln Inc. & Peter

Structrue Improvement & New Logo

Outin believes that details matter. We chose to use rubber seals and reduce the gap between components. As growing into a more mature brand, we updated our logo and put efforts to protect our mother nature by delivering our brand value to the world and taking part in sustainable activities.

Outln Inc.

Nano launched

Our new model Nano has launched with overall improvement. Smaller size with less weight. Heating time is reduced to 200s. Extract more cups of coffee with each charge (100+ cups more with coldwater). Higher pump system and more stable extraction. Gold-ration design for one-key function and is easy to use. More Colors selection and brand new design.

Have A Question ? We Are Here to Help.

Every team member at Outin focuses on the customer's feedback or any voice from them. We are eager to make any improvement on products in order to provide our customers best experience.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h
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