Nano Portable Espresso Machine (Crimson Red)

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  • Light Weight: Weighted Less than 700 g
  • Fast Heating: Only 200 seconds* to Heat Up
  • Rich Crema: Up to 92°C/198°F through 20 Bars Pressure with Richer Crema Coffee
  • Long Battery Life: 7500 mAh Battery for 5 times* Cold Water / 100+ Hot Water Brews
  • Pro-level Standards: European Certified Materials & Coffee Brewing Center Standards
  • Universal Charging: in 12V or 24V Car Charger and USB Charger( >10W)
  • 2 in 1 Coffee Method: Feature with Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules
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Coffee Cup

Capsule Adapter

Ground Coffee Filter Basket

Ground Coffee Spoon

Type-C Cable


Supports both ground coffee and capsules.


Screw the portafilter onto the coffee maker tightly.


Add 50-80ml of either hot/cold water into the water tank.


Press 2 seconds to automatically heat up cold water & extract

Press 5 seconds or quickly press the button twice for hot water to extract


Remarkably small but 7500mAh powerful lithium battery, Nano enhance your daily coffee needs. This gold-ratio designed portable espresso brewer upgrades its pumping system, so you simply add either hot or cold water with your favorite capsules or fresh ground coffee to the Nano. Never be limited any water temperature, by day and night or by any location, It just one-tap click to brew exquisite espresso for your coffee time.

Fast Heating

Max Power


Up to 5 Cups

With Cold Water

200+ Cups

With Hot Water


Maximum Water Level


Outin Nano is one of the best and most portable travel-sized espresso machines.Enjoy your coffee time at any place with your own pace. Compatible with Nespresso* Original coffee pods, it provides quick heating, perfect extraction, and easy clean-up. With the Nano, every aspect of the brewing time or drinking moment to make yourself with an unforgettable and fun experience!


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  • To make a successful espresso, make sure you choose proper grade ground coffee and the portafilter screwed on tightly or the grounds/capsule holder properly installed. And Outin Nano can only be extracted for heating when the power indicator is lit by at least two cells
  • Please use a 5V/2A or 5V/3A USB wall charger to charge. The machine will not be charged while using a charger below 10W (e.g. the Apple 5W charger).If the power lights flash 5 times and the machine beeps 3 times while using, it indicates the power is too low. Please operate after fully charged.
  • After tests in Outin factory, our 7500mAh battery heats 50ml of water from 25°C to the extractable temperature (92°C) 5 times after fully charged. However, if water is more than 50ml, heating time and the number of extraction will vary according to your volume.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Simonetta P.
Bellissima macchina da caffè

Il caffè viene cremoso è molto caldo

Jade K.
Brilliant for work and travel

I take my Outin nano to work to make coffee shots at my desk. With a bottle of water, I don’t need to leave my desk with the water heat feature. At home it’s great for a quick espresso or mixing up a cocktail. Looking forward to taking it overseas soon so I don’t have to suffer hotel instant coffee when I get up.

Randy G. (Florida, United States)
Really terrific!

I’ve used many portable coffee makers that produce and espresso-like drink (several different Wacaco models and Aeropress with different bottom caps), but the Outin makes the best tasting cup. I like the flexibility of Nespresso capsules (Starbucks Espresso is the best) and my own blend of beans ground for espresso. The results are excellent. I like the flexibility of starting with cold or hot water, but cold water really uses a lot of battery capacity so you need to recharge after about five extractions. Starting with hot water requires a lot less energy and produces many cups without recharging. I highly recommend this espresso maker. If you like an Americano just add hot water to the final cup. And the provided cup is great for brewing straight into the cup while attached to the Outin with just enough room to spare. Buy this. You’ll love it!

Mikael S.
Highly recommended!

Smooth acess to a espresso on the go. Portable and make good coffee

Jennifer S.
Mind blowing🤯

Absolutely amazing. I’m super particular about my coffee. We travel a lot to obscure places and instant coffee was my only option at times. This amazing little thing, no larger than the metal water bottles we can’t go without, rivals my breville machine. It might actually out perform it which is incredible. This thing produces the smoothest espresso ever (and less bitter/acidic than breville). Took it to our son’s lacrosse tournament. While everyone else is making their desperate coffee run I’m kicking back on the sidelines looking boujee making my own latte.
The only negative was finding a charger that would work. The ones that have multiple voltage options don’t work. It looks like it’s charging and does a little but not all the way. For how much these are it would’ve been nice to just put the proper plug in the kit so you don’t have to go hunting for the exact one.
15-20 lattes and this baby has paid for itself.