Portable Espresso Machine Coffee Holder

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Specifically designed for the Outin Nano Portable espresso machine, the Outin Dual Stand transforms your Outin Nano into a stationary powerhouse, enhancing its functionality.

Double-Layer Design: With its double-layer design, this stand offers versatility, accommodating both espresso shot cups and taller coffee mugs or thermo bottles, making it suitable for various drink preferences.

Multi-Purpose: Not only does the Outin Dual Stand securely hold the Outin Nano portable espresso machine, but it also adapts to pour-over facilities, expanding its utility for different brewing methods.

Easy Assembly & Disassembly: Featuring all easily connectable pieces, the Outin Dual Stand can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled, ensuring convenience and hassle-free storage.

Durable: Crafted with walnut, this stand ensures durability, as it is resistant to cracks, and transformations, and possesses natural antiseptic properties, ensuring a long-lasting product.

Stylish: The dark wood aesthetic of the Outin Dual Stand adds an element of sophistication to your home decor, showcasing your taste for elegant design.

*Machine is NOT included
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Aesthetic Design

No two stands are alike with American Black Walnut, making each one a unique artwork. It blends into any interior decor, adding refinement to your kitchen or coffee corner.

Stable Structure

The sturdy frame ensures that it remains steadfast, even in the face of rigorous coffee rituals. Say goodbye to wobbling coffee towers and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your precious coffee gear is securely held in place.

Multiple Usage

No matter if you prefer a petite espresso cup or a tall travel mug, it effortlessly accommodates them all. With its innovative height-adjustable feature, you can easily customize the rack to match the size of your favorite coffee vessel.

Easy Assembly

Experience simplicity and convenience with the Nano Dual Stand. With just a few simple steps, you can dismantle the coffee holder into compact pieces, making it easy to carry.

Outin Nano Coffee Holder

It is not only a sturdy and reliable solution for organizing your coffee essentials, but it also serves as the perfect complement to your coffee kit. Elevate your coffee experience with the Coffee Holder, the ultimate companion for both function and style.

Product Material

American Black Walnut

Product Weight

550 g | 19.4 oz

Package Dimensions

310 * 160 * 82 mm

Coffee Maker Type

Coffee Machine & Pour-over

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris (Virginia, United States)
Brilliant Portable Espresso Machine (BPEM)

The Outin Nano Portable Espresso Machine redefines excellence in every sip. This ingenious device is not just an espresso machine; it's a marvel of portable brilliance. Compact yet powerful, great for travel and camping, it delivers the most exquisite espresso experience I've ever had, whether at home or on the go. A true masterpiece of convenience and quality, the Outin Nano transforms each cup into an extraordinary delight.

MICHAEL S. (Colorado, United States)

I’ve enjoyed espresso for a number of years and always wanted to make my own at home, but couldn’t justify the cost of quality machines.
I’ve been following Outin for a few months and finally purchased one of their machines a month ago. I am delighted with the quality of the espresso, convenience of making these at home, and the ability to make them while traveling.
I will continue to look for any opportunity to carry this convenient caffeine machine.

Oleksiy L. (North Holland, The Netherlands)

Its a very nice stand. I think its a must have. Sturdy, good quality, looks classy. You can disassemble it and put into your luggage. I like to have it on the nightstand in my hotel room. Before I had this stand, I used to balance the machine on ice cream sticks over the cup, to have coffee in the morning.
I think this stand completes OUTIN coffee system.
Shipping was very fast too ! (4days from HK-NL 🇭🇰-🇳🇱)

It's very nice. But not really suitable for travel.

This holder is beautiful and is well made but it's not really suitable for travel as the side pieces are large and don't fold. This could have been solved by utilizing a small brass hinge on both side pieces to be able to fold them up and store in a small bag. Which in my opinion should have also been included with this holder.